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Grass-Fed / Grain Finished

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Locally Raised, Grass-Fed, Grain-Finished Beef Front Quarters


Steve’s Meat Market is known for premium quality, locally raised “Swinging Sides’. The beef is either Hereford, Angus or Hereford/Angus cross that meets a quality grade of Choice, Choice+ or better.

Your Beef is first inspected for quality by a USDA Inspector right here in our facility. We then hang and age the beef side between 14 – 21 days to maximize flavor and tenderness. When ordering a side of beef you are able to enjoy selecting custom processing options so the beef you get to take home meets your desired specifications.


In addition to caring about you, we care about our processing methods. We are very proud to be a Certified Animal Welfare Approved processing facility.

Ordering Tips

  • Order Lead Time: Our Swinging Sides Gallery is packed with a revolving beef side inventory in various weights. We can typically have your order ready for you to take home in less than a week, however, sometimes a side of beef in your selected weight range might need a little extra time to age properly. After you place your order, we will contact you to coordinate when your side of beef will be ready for you to take home. Your beef will be wrapped in freezer grade butcher paper and flash frozen solid for your convenience.
  • How Much Beef Will You Take Home? The answer depends on your processing specifications. Typically you will take home about 60% (take home weight) of the beef front quarter’s hanging weight prior to processing give or take 10%. I’ll explain, there will be weight lost by undesirable fat and bone loss. In addition, the choices of cuts you choose make a significant impact on the overall take home weight.  Will you choose bone-in Rib steaks or boneless Ribeyes? Will you want your roasts bone-in or boneless? Will you want any meaty soup bones? It all adds up. Now let’s top that off with the fact that beef is a natural product and no two are exactly alike. So you can see there are many factors affecting the exact take home weight.

Example Cuts From A Beef Front Quarter

  • Chuck Roasts
  • Arm Roasts
  • Brisket
  • Short Ribs
  • Delmonico Steaks (Bone-In Ribeyes) OR Rib Roast
  • Ground Chuck
  • Beef Bones Upon Request

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